I am Jamie-Leigh and welcome to my blog! I was born in Scotland, and I'm currently in my last year of High School (College next year yey!). I Like makeup, Fashion, Guys and Parties. I am 17 Years old and I talk alot (and I mean alot). I love my life and wouldn't change it for anything (actually those shoes look nice) haha only kidding. I love my family and friends and I guess i'm just your typical teenager that loves life. 

I have always wanted to have my own blog and just write about everything and anything. It would let me talk alot more about what I think without either saying too much, or offending someone (which surprisingly I haven't managed to do yet)

Random Facts
  • I Love Dance music
  • I Love watching Contemporary dance 
  • I Eat and Talk ALOT 
  • Currently doing my exams
  • I'm Inseparable with my bed

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